Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teasing Hair Scene.

Hey guyss, teasing your hair can give you a new defining look and may add some spice to your life, try it out just once and see how you like it :d

1. Straighten your hair with a regular straightener. Make sure that you get most of your layers if you have any to make the next steps easier!

2. Section of your hair with clips

3. Take the first section near to your crown and tease it. Backcomb the hair section from the tip to the root of the hair.

4. Hairspray to hold that section in place.

5. Repeat tease/spraying for all your other sections.

6. Lightly brush the top layers to prevent your hair from looking ratty. You can also adjust your hair, as this is the last chance you'll get unless you wanna start all over...

7. Add more hairspray to hold everything in place.

WELL? how is it, if you feel like it, post results :d.

important things:
-PROTECT your hair. As always, safety first, you don't want to end up with split ends :(  (try hair masks every week or so?).
-AVOID overspraying, it looks terrible when you have these clumps of hair.
-ALWAYS wash out your hair completely when you're done, or you're gunna be seeing residue : (. 

credits: flickety, Zoe, and AIMEEEE for helping me in the first place <3333. and wikihow lol... and me ^^